How can I host my event at Wright State University's Nutter Center?

Wright State's Nutter Center offers many diverse spaces available for rent for all types of functions. Please review the Rental page of our website for details.

How much does it cost to rent Wright State University's Nutter Center?

Rental fees vary by event. Your production requirements, spaces used, and setups will determine your rental structure.

Can I get a refund for my extra tickets? Can I exchange my tickets for better seats?

All ticket sales are final; refunds or exchanges are not permitted.

Where is the box office?

The Box Office is located on the outside of the facility between Gates 4 and 5 facing N. Fairfield Rd.

How many people does Wright State's Nutter Center seat?

The seating capacity will vary from event to event depending on stage size, floor seating, etc. The maximum capacity is approximately 11,500 seats.

When purchasing or prior to an event, can we look in the arena to see where our seats will be?

The building is closed to the public during normal business hours for the safety of the patrons and performers. You can get an idea of what the view from your seats will be like during an event by visiting our Seating Charts page.

Where do I get discount coupons?

Not all events offer discounts. The show coordinates if there are any discounts to be offered and where/how the coupons will be distributed. You can visit the performer's website for more information.

Do I have tickets in Will Call?

Check with the person who is leaving you the tickets to see when or if they will be leaving your tickets in Will Call, meeting you at the venue, or mailing your tickets to you.

Ticketmaster Purchases:

If you purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster via phone or online and chose the Will Call delivery method, then yes, your tickets will be waiting for you at the box office. Please make sure that you have your photo ID, credit card used to purchase the tickets, and your confirmation number.


If you received tickets from someone affiliated with the show (performers and touring personnel), tickets usually arrive in the box office approximately one hour prior to the event's scheduled start time. A photo ID is required for ticket pick up.

WSU Athletic Events:

  • Men's Basketball Games - Will Call left by Coaches, Staff, and/or Team Players will be located inside Gate 5. Each person must show a photo ID and sign for their ticket.
  • Women's Basketball Games - Will Call is located at the box office and each person must show a photo ID and sign for their ticket.
  • Other Sports - please call the Athletic Department for more information: (937) 775-2771.

Leaving Tickets in Will Call:

Wright State University Nutter Center events in which the box office is open, you may drop off tickets to be placed in Will Call. All Will Call tickets require a person's first and last name identifying the person picking up the tickets. The person you are leaving tickets for needs to be instructed to bring a photo ID. If you are leaving tickets in Will Call for a group, remember that not everyone will arrive at the same time. You will want to designate one person to come early and hand out the tickets to the individual group members, or you will want to place a ticket under each group member's name.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Wright State's Nutter Center accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and cash. We do not accept checks.


  • Some OHSAA events are cash only (high school events)
  • Kid's Wrestling Tournaments are cash only

Can I pay with my Wright One card?

At this time, the Wright State Nutter Center box office does not accept Wright One Cards as a form of payment. However, as a current full-time undergraduate Wright State student, you receive two free tickets for the student section for all Regular Season Men's and Women's Home Basketball Games (while tickets last).

I'm a WSU student, do I get a discount on tickets?

The events/shows determine their ticket prices and whether or not they want to offer any discounts. Discounts are on a show by show basis. To find out if an event offers Wright State University student rates, please visit the specific event's information page on our site for more information.

My GPS doesn't recognize the Wright State Nutter Center's address. How can I use my GPS?

GPS users should change the destination address to: 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Fairborn, OH 45324 or use Lat: 39.752517 & Lon: -84.050947

When do doors open?

Typically, doors open approximately one hour prior to the event start time. Occasionally, show personnel will ask us to increase this time, which will be posted on the specific event's page. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that may occur causing a delay in opening the doors on time. Please know that we make every effort to open doors as expected.

Are we allowed to bring in any food or beverages?

No. Outside food & beverages are not permitted, unless required by a medical condition.

Can I leave the facility and come back?

For ticketed events, there is no re-entry. If the event is not ticketed, you may come and go as you please. At management's discretion, exceptions may be made for emergencies. Please visit Guest Services on the concourse level at the top of Section 210.

Are cameras permitted in the arena?

Each event sets its own camera policy. Please see the specific event's page for details.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

Yes. Wright State University's Nutter Center provides wheelchairs at Guest Services. Ask any Wright State Nutter Center staff member to provide one if needed. Reservations are not required.

Is the floor accessible to patrons with mobility difficulties?

For most events, yes. There are some events when, due to safety concerns, access may be restricted or eliminated. If you have a question about a specific event, please contact Chris Bethel at (937) 775-4724.

How long is the show?

Show length is determined by the artist and/or tour personnel. We will make every effort to obtain this information and post it on the specific event's page the week of the show.

Do the concession stands take credit cards?

All permanent concession stands accept credit cards. Portable stands such as We're Nutz do not accept credit cards at this time.

Do you serve alcohol?

Wright State University's Nutter Center serves alcohol during many of our events, including regular season Wright State University basketball games. High school athletic events, certain family oriented shows, and select tournament games do not permit the sale of alcohol.

Do you sell mixed drinks?

As long as alcohol is being served at the event, mixed drinks will also be available on the concourse level at the top of section 214.

How much is the merchandise?

Merchandise arrives with the show, and the availability and pricing is determined solely by the event. We typically do not receive that type of information in advance.

Where can I eat/drink before a Nutter Center event?

Please visit our Restaurant page for a listing of area establishments.

Are there hotels close to Wright State University's Nutter Center?

Yes, there are a number of hotels with a wide range of amenities near the arena. Please visit our Hotels page to find a hotel that will meet your needs.

Who was Ervin J. Nutter?

Ervin J. Nutter was a local businessman, engineer, inventor and philanthropist. Mr. Nutter was born in Hamilton, OH, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. In 1950, with only a $360 investment, the entrepreneur started an engineering and manufacturing company that grew from one employee to one of the world's leading manufacturers of sophisticated tubular assemblies for private, commercial, and military jet engines.

Mr. Nutter is known for his expertise and success in a variety of business interests, including: Founder and past CEO of the Elano Corporation, Acme Screw Products, KBJ Ranch in Beavercreek, Ohio, Enlo Inc., and Elano East Corporation (General Electric purchased Elano and its affiliates from Mr. Nutter in December of 1985.)

He was a Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio and Kentucky and was an instrument rated commercial multi-engine aircraft pilot.

Believing strongly in giving back to those who made him successful, Mr. Nutter became a major donor to his alma mater, the University of Kentucky. He also volunteered and contributed generously to many local causes including Rotary, Beavercreek Schools, Wright State University, and Cedarville University. Wright State University's Ervin J. Nutter Center is named in his honor.

Where can I purchase Wright State University Raider gear?

You may purchase Raider gear and souvenirs in person at Wright State University Men's Basketball games. You may also purchase in person or online from the Wright State University Bookstore. In addition, several local retailers stock Wright State University apparel.

Where can I find information about Rowdy Raider?


Will the event be cancelled if there is bad weather?

Occasionally an event may be adversely impacted by the weather. If an event must be postponed or cancelled due to weather, information will be posted on Wright State's Nutter Center website, as well as distributed to local media outlets. Every effort will be made to notify as many patrons as possible, with as much notice as possible.

Can I have my birthday announced or propose to my significant other during a Wright State Nutter Center event?

Wright State University's Nutter Center has no input into the content of an event. If you would like to have your birthday announced, propose, etc., we suggest contacting the entity producing the event. For Wright State basketball games, you can call the Athletics Department at (937) 775-2771. For concerts and touring shows, your best bet is to contact them through their website.

Can I volunteer at Wright State's Nutter Center?

Wright State University's Nutter Center uses an all paid staff. Please visit our Employment page to view current openings.

How can I get backstage passes?

Backstage passes are distributed by the event itself. Typically you must either know someone with the show, be a member of a fan club, or win them in a contest. Wright State University's Nutter Center cannot assist you in obtaining backstage passes.

When will you book my favorite band/artist?

Wright State's Nutter Center is a rental facility, meaning a show or promoter will rent the building to present an event. The best way to actively solicit a show would be to contact the artist through their website to let them know the level of interest in the area.

What phone number can I leave with my babysitter?

If you have a cell phone, that is probably your best option. If you do not have a cell phone or you think you may not hear your phone, please use (937) 775-3498. This line is answered by Guest Services during most events, and they can provide assistance. Please make sure you leave your seat location with your babysitter so we can find you!

Do you have a Parent's Room or Waiting Room?

During select events, Wright State University's Nutter Center will provide a waiting room outside the event area where you may wait on your party. This is typically offered for shows that have a demographic of attendees that are younger than driving age, but old enough to be on their own. Please call the Administrative Office at (937) 775-3498 to check if a room is being provided for the event you are attending.